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Dust mites and their effects

Did you know the cause behind allergies, rashes, common coughs, colds & breathing disorder? We often believe that washing bed sheets, pillowcases and upholstery may be good enough to ensure a clean and hygienic living. Isnt it? What we don't see is health threatening and the root cause of these disorders are the dangerous, disease-causing dust mites. These invisible microscopic creatures and their droppings, prevalent in condition like our homes, makes them multiply. Your home  could have millions of these dreaded creatures microscopic creatures sweeping and swabbing are ineffective against them.

Dust and Mites

House dust mites are eight legged insects They are microscopic and not visible to the naked eyes.

Average life span of a dust mite is 3-4 months Breeding ground for Mites- Warm humid climate.

At home, bed, pillows, carpet, soft toys, upholstery, curtains are the breeding grounds.

The fecal dropping of dust mite and decayed parts which containan enzyme to digest food,is the agent that cause allergic problems.

80% of people with allergies & asthma test positive to dust mite in skin allergy testing.

A dust mite can produce 20 fecal droppings per day. They are capable of producing fecal droppings 200 times their body weight in their short lifespan.

Dust Mites cause allergic respiratory disorders

Asthma, respiratory diseases and other kinds of allergies are caused by dust mites. Over 85% of asthma patients are vulnerable to the allergens. The fecal pellets which mites excrete are the main triggers for causing the allergies. We inhale these particles and people sensitive to dust mites suffer from allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

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