Euroclean Xforce Vacuum Cleaner Features







  • Stabs - Sucks – Sanitizes - Filters

    Ensuring 100 % clean and healthy homes.
  • 4 Stage Cleaning Process

    First vacuum cleaner with 4 step process that ensures 100% cleaning
  • Easy Disposal

    No more hassles of cleaning the dust bag. Euroclean Health Pro ensure hygienic cleaning of the dust container just at the press of a button.
  • Attached Hose Pipe

    Euroclean Health Pro comes with attached hose pipe which makes cleaning easy and convenient.
  • Hand Held & Light in Weight

    Due to its light weight, Euroclean Health Pro can be carried easily and is very convenient to use.
  • Hands Free

    Euroclean Health Pro can be easily strapped on your shoulder that ensures comfort while cleaning.
  • Compact Size

    Its compact size make it easy to store at any place and it occupies a very less space.
  • Powerful Suction

    Euroclean Health Pro is powered with 800 W of suction that removes the deep embedded dust and dirt form all the upholstery.
  • Power of UV C Germicidal

    The UV C germicidal removes the traces of all pathogens, bacteria, virus and microorganism protecting your loved ones from various respiratory disorders.

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