What is Euroclean Ultimate Cleaning Challenge?


The Euroclean Ultimate Cleaning challenge is a challenge given by Euroclean where a user can win a Euroclean WD X2 vacuum Cleaner free if their home is found to be dust free
( as mentioned in the T&C) during the Cleaning home inception. Conditions apply.


How is the Ultimate Cleaning Challenge conducted?


The first cleaning inspection will be done by Eureka Forbes representatives at the customers place. If the challenger qualifies this test the same cleaning inspection procedure will be conducted by Eureka Forbes representative at the customers place under the supervision of a third party representative appointed by Eureka Forbes Ltd.


How many winners will be announced?


Once one winner is announced by the company, it is implied that the challenge is over and no more claimants will be entertained thereafter.


How will the officials conduct the cleaning process?


The cleaning process will be performed with the following models of Euroclean – WD X2, WD, Star & XFORCE. Cleaning performed with any other brand/ model of Vacuum cleaner will not be eligible.


Can the prizes be exchanged?


The prize cannot be exchanged with any product or item, is non - transferable and cannot be en-cashed under any circumstances. Accessories, if any shown with the prize, if any, shall not form part of the prize to be provided to the winner.


What are the Home Challenge Parameters?


The home cleaning challenge will be performed at any and every place of the customer’s home as per following cleaning parameters:
Carpet Cleaning | Floor Cleaning | Bed Cleaning | Mattress Cleaning | Wall Cleaning | Sofa Cleaning | Car Cleaning | Curtains Cleaning | Corners Cleaning | Fan Cleaning | Window Channel Cleaning | Computer Cleaning | TV Cleaning | Music Channel Cleaning | False Ceiling/Dropped ceiling | Table Tops Cleaning | Painting and artifacts | Overhead tank Cleaning | Wet Spills on floors, couches etc | Deep Cleaning of pillows, blankets and mattress | Dust behind cupboards, wardrobes, furniture’s | Dust in Chimney | Kitchen Trolley | Light lamps | Window, Door & mosquito nets | Air conditioner cleaning | Soft Toys Cleaning


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